calcite milling process

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calcite milling process

Calcite is also a calcium carbonate mineral, natural calcium carbonate is the most common, calcite Mohs hardness is 3, belonging to easy grinding of ore types, calcite mills generally require a large number of finished projects, which called for the grinding The fineness is small, therefore, the general use of ultrafine powder mill for grinding calcite, calcite because insoluble in water, soluble in acid, fewer impurities, uniform size, good processing technology, is widely used in the silicate industry feedstock.

calcite milling process

Calcite processing process

The first stage

After the first beneficiation of barite, barite first chunk by hammer crusher into small particles from the elevator into the storage bin, and then through the vibration feeder and slant feed tube, the material is uniformly turntable on to the upper portion of bulk disk material will pass through eccentricity is looped roller impact, rolling rolling, grinding three processes

second stage

This process is carried out again by grinding barite overpressure trapezium mill, in the production process, when production reached 40 tons, and through automatic continuous discharge, fully meet the environmental requirements.

The third stage

After primary milling of materials sent by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly host grinding chamber, into the grinding chamber is shovel blade material is crushed into the grinding roller and grinding ring between the blower air from the shunt blown into the grinding chamber plate, the crushed powder to the analysis chamber, through the speed motor driven impeller rotation through gearing analysis of sorting, large particles fall back into the grinding chamber materials, re-grinding, qualified powder into the air of fine finished cyclone powder collector, rear air separation and discharged from the discharge port and then packaging the finished product.

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